The Story

Who I Am

I’m Michael Bruner, and I’m a visual storyteller. I haven’t always jived with labels, or sought them out, possibly because of my upbringing as an American growing up in Eastern Europe. This experience no doubt made for a welcome study in adaptation. Constant change fed what would become my endless curiosity to make sense of life’s mysterious narrative through the visual medium.

Where I’ve Been

An El Paso native, I spent my childhood in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria with my missionary parents. Fun fact: I speak Czech (Ahoj!), Slovak (Ahoj!) and a little German (not Ahoj!). At 18 I relocated to the US to attend John Brown University. My degree is in digital media and photography, and I have been fortunate to work with accounts such as AT&T, Frito-Lay, Topgolf, Dewar’s, Goodyear and Chili’s in my most recent four years of agency and freelance life in Dallas, TX.

How I Work

The philosophy I approach every project with comes down to the narrative. What is the story? If there is no story, then that’s where we’ll start. I shoot, edit, produce and am also a social media strategist. I thrive in the director’s seat, but I’m never married to it, as I’ve had to wear multiple hats over the years. Let’s tell your story or find it together. My job is not only to find a solution, but to bring the product into the best possible light.